Friday, November 30, 2012


Hey there i haven't written in what seems a quite long time! (or at least to me) 
I am working on an illustration of Alice in Wonderland for a competition and i have to submit it due Sunday.
I decided i will be a member of a site for comics where I'll get paid according to how many viewers i bring; but in order to do that i need to upload 15 pages every month; so I'll wait a while before i start uploading to gather more material.
Furthermore, tomorrow i am having my SAT's... yeah.. At least after that I'll only have to worry about finals in December! Anyway after I'm done with the exams (actually even before that) I have to start working on the poster for the other competition... :/ My senior project... well i kinda postponed the preparations for it a bit, till I'm over with the stress!
Generally there's just a TON of things going on right now, but it's better than having nothing to do! :) 
Well, gotta work!

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