Thursday, September 27, 2012


Today was an amazing day, many things happened and surprisingly they were all good...
I will only mention one since it is beyond my imagination...
I met with a lady that was interested about a commission, luckily she liked my rough drafts and we agreed on it. She asked me about a price and i told her about $10-15 (since the size was small) but she said that she'd give me more than that, and that she wanted to give me a little in advance... So she wrote me a check of $25 and said she'd give me the rest later! 
I am really amazed and excited for several reasons! 1. Because I've never made so much money from a commission (of this size). 2. Because i have never been given a check! It is amazing! I am really happy that i manage to keep up with commissions here!
I really hope that I'll have more offers in the future! ><

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Today although i had some free time, i decided not to draw anything and just relax! So i cleaned my room (i know it's irrelevant), i played the piano and just sat on my chair for about an hour doing absolutely nothing!(except for dozing off!).
Tomorrow i have an important meeting with a lady about a commission, so i don't know if I'll have any time to draw; but if i don't I'll probably upload a scan again...
That's it for now, i think... :/
I'll be more sure about my schedule tomorrow so I'll update then!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I was working on Little Devil Panic for about four hours this night to complete it...
It is ready but now it's 3.40 in the night and i gotta wake up at 6.00... How will i go on with 2-3 hours of sleep every day? I am slowly breaking down... I need to desperately fix my schedule...

I am so stressed up lately... I have a couple of exams to give in order to get into college, tons of homework, and i gotta keep up with my work. I feel like i am in a period before an exhibition, where i get really stressed; but after, when the exhibition is going and the results are good i calm down. The difference is that this isn't preparation for an exhibition, it's everlasting, and i can't relax or else my grades drop. 
The thing is, it might be tough now, but I AIN'T GIVING UP!
We'll see what happens first, either i achieve my goals, or i break down!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Self portrait.

Ok i uploaded this on my deviantart account too. It is supposed to be our self portrait as three different people. I hope you'll like it! (i know there's only two here! the third one is on a different page, i'll upload it later!)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Resolution summary

Resolution is a story that i honestly put my all in. I began writing it two years ago in my school, just for fun, but when i saw that my peers reacted well to it i decided to continue making it. It is going to be a long story (more than one volumes), so that means that there is a loooong way to go! :) What i am trying to do is create a story that will someday be published, so i am giving it my all!

So this is  the summary:

In a world that appears to be normal, monsters called the Fallen Ones and people with special abilities exist. Rima a fourteen year old girl was unaware of it; she became part of a tragedy, and was the only survivor. Her rescuers were Kou and Rei, a pair of twins, with abilities. After seeing that she had nowhere to go anymore they took her in, to live with them and their family, (their four brothers and parents). Each member of their family had an ability and a unique personality. Rima decides to live with them and start training to assist them on their fight against the Fallen Ones.But their lives from now on will completely change...

Wanna learn the rest of it? start reading the story! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time Gap summary

Time Gap is a five page, complete comic (I made it for a comic seminar i attended). I'll write the summary but not the ending so you check it up! :)

 It is a story about Kazuya a high school student, who has the same dream everyday. He dreams about himself six years old playing with a girl whose face he can never see; but suddenly the sky becomes dark and the girl starts fading away. No matter how much he runs after her, he can never reach her.

What he doesn't remember is that that girl actually existed. They were friends, but she had the ability to foresee the future. Her brother was dedicated to protect her after their parents were killed (by people who wanted to use her ability) so on his attempt to protect Izumi (the girl), he pushed Kazuya of a cliff. Blaming herself for Kazuya's injury, Izumi erased his memories of her.

 In the present Izumi doesn't talk, so she doesn't 'cause trouble for anyone. A series of events though, will cause Kazuya to find his memory and they start hanging out together again; but Satori (her brother) isn't pleased about it.

If you want to learn how the story ends just go ahead and read it! :)
It is a manga so you have to read it from your right to your left.
here is the address you can find it: 

It Is AliVe! o.0

Yeah... I might have gone mad! But Resolution page seven is ready!! i am soooo happy! It took me too long to make! go and see it on my deviantart account (at )

I just thought of something... 0.0 I never really wrote a summary of my stories... So Tomorrow I'll start writing my stories summaries. I'll start with my five page comic (yes, it is only five pages long...) Time Gap.
I'm looking forward to it! :)
(since I've never really done something like that!)
So thanks in advance to those of you who'll check out my comics or work in general!
See ya!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just a little more!

Resolution page seven is almost complete! All that it needs is tones and speech bubbles! :)

Hopefully I'll upload tomorrow! ><

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lost Demon

This is something i made today... i hope you like it! :)
Don't forget to comment!

Competition Entry

This image was made for a competition and the theme was "before and after", so this is the first page of Resolution before, and after.


Hopefully, now it being the weekend and all, i will have some time to work. I say hopefully because i have a lot of homework, so even if i say that i will i might not have the time. For sure i will complete Resolution page seven, It has taken to long and it is unacceptable. As i mentioned a while ago, I'll try to scan a couple of things I've made, touch them up with the computer (so they show better), and upload them on my deviantart account.

Then there's also  the comic that i make for the website. I have to work on that too. Honesty, i am a bit worried, i want to be more productive but there's just no time. 
I'll just try my best.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

After some problems

I have no idea why but for some reason my blog was deleted, but as you can see i 
managed to retrieve it! :) 
Now then, i hope there won't be anymore problems! 

As for my work... i have been working on the seventh page of my comic "Resolution" for quite a
while now, but i haven't been able to finish it yet; i guess it's because i look at it and think "Boy this has to much work" so i get kinda overwhelmed by it! Even so i am going to complete it shortly and upload it on my deviantart.

I have also been working on a school project that is about drawing our self portrait as different persons; i think that it's very interesting so i might do something like that in the future! It will also be 
a good exercise for realism! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kou and Rei

This is a sample of my work. They are the twins from my story "Resolution"


Visit my deviantart account:
i am promoting my work so if you are interested have a look! :)

Hey there!

 Hey there! :) it's nice to meet you guys! My name is Billie and this blog's purpose is mainly to promote my artwork! So i hope you will enjoy it and keep on coming back! :)
 I will really hope you'll comment, and i will appreciate it if you do (either if it's good or bad) because it will help me improve! :) ).
Thank you in advance!