Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When it's rainy

For some reason every time that it rains i overflow with inspiration. Some of the best things I've ever done where made while it was raining. I guess it really depends on your mood; since i personally love rain so much i get inspired by it! ( there's no wonder why most of my work is dark). Lately I've got lots of work for school; also even though page 10 is done i won't upload it until i get a couple more pages ready. Furthermore I've got a new art project for school and it is really exciting! We have to draw a virus! >< it's so cool! Anyway I'll be uploading new work really soon, so bare with me! 

This is something i made in art class and it was actually requested my the teacher! He said "today draw zebra stripes!" ><  I hope it look like it! (it's a scanned image)

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