Sunday, May 26, 2013

What a relief!

So I got a virus on my computer and my heart stopped for a while because I didn't have a backup for my files, so I could lose all of my digital artwork of the past year. I was reaaally lucky because It was just a malware virus that was pretty easy to remove. So i backed up all of my files (I was surprised that I was actually able to do that), removed the virus through safe mode and now my computer runs like a dream! :) The only kinda troublesome thing is that i have to retype all of my passwords for all of the sites 'cause my computer doesn't remember them, but i don't mind, that's the last thing that I'm concerned about!
Even though i am a technology noob I find that I am better than i thought since I've managed to deal with all of the problems on my computer (and phone) on my own for the past year. I guess that when you don't have someone to depend on you have to figure out what to do on your own, therefore you improve.
Anyway I am seriously relieved that I didn't lose my files and that my computer is fine!
I wish that nothing like that happens to you guys 'cause I know how much it sucks.
Take care y'all!

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