Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Things now

Well this weekend i didn't have any time to work on my comics and i probably wont have time till Friday! Although i don't have time for my comics, it doesn't mean that i don't draw! Today is the final day i have to prepare my art project. It's 2/3 done. For my project i chose to draw the Dalnaglar castle in Scotland; i have done most of the painting but i am missing a part of the building and the garden. Also unfortunately the canvas got a bit damaged during our travel this weekend, so i hope i won't get negative critique for that... :/ Oh well! what can you do!? This things happen!

Once i am done with this art project I'll transfer my most recent work to the computer and upload it on my deviantart (and maybe some of it here too). Oh i almost forgot lately i've been processing photos of my work on the computer, this way the colors and the lines show better! (I am sooo happy! )
That's it for now!
See ya! :P

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