Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gackt tribute!

I haven't written anything in quite a while! I am kinda drowning lately... the work has piled up and for some reason i still feel sick... Anyway i have been working on my art project, we had to choose a person and draw him several times... I chose to do Gackt; after i finished i took my sketches, combined them i one and made a tribute! >< So here they are!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I feel sick

I've been sick for a couple of days, but it's weird i feel really bad but not 'cause of the illness. This has happened to me before; 
it's because of stress... 
I used to take some sort of pills for my stomachache, I should probably start taking them again...
Generally these past days are a bit depressing.
 I've started working my comic at school in order to make more pages so that i can start to upload on that website (and hopefully get paid). 
I hope it goes well...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting in for money

Well yeah i am thinking of setting up a pay pal account and starting to work for money. The thing is that since i already don't have many 'viewers" i don't know how this will turn out, but you never know. I will also start working hard to do the thing with the site I've mentioned. So yeah i will notify once i set up my account so if  you're interested then go for it! Also pass the word on to your friends that might be interested! 
Help the artist! >< 
You can find samples of my work here: