Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The past week

The past week has been really creative. I worked a bit on my comics (didn't have enough time to complete the pages though), and tons of other things! ><
I decided which stories I'll illustrate for my senior project. It will be a tribute to the Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Andersen. The stories that i chose have some similarities between them (personal opinion); so these are the stories chosen:
 Grimm Brothers:
  • The six swans
  • The poor boy in the grave
  • The owl
Hans Christian Andersen:
  • The wild swans
  • The little match seller
  • The phoenix bird
I didn't want to chose really popular stories, i think this is way more interesting!
I also have a new art project for school: to draw a river. I have an idea and i think it'll turn out good! 

Lately I've been pretty gloomy 'cause my birthday is tomorrow and I've never been alone on my birthday i was always surrounded by my family and friends. Thankfully a packet arrived from Greece today. My mother sent me my art supplies and my incense sticks. The moment i lit one of them i got the feeling that i was in my room in Greece with my friends! That was enough for me to stop being homesick, so now don't mind what will happen tomorrow! So what if nobody here knows that it's my birthday?! My friends and family do and i am sure that they'll think of me. Even if we can't be together at the moment, we will surely be reunited! :)

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