Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I was working on Little Devil Panic for about four hours this night to complete it...
It is ready but now it's 3.40 in the night and i gotta wake up at 6.00... How will i go on with 2-3 hours of sleep every day? I am slowly breaking down... I need to desperately fix my schedule...

I am so stressed up lately... I have a couple of exams to give in order to get into college, tons of homework, and i gotta keep up with my work. I feel like i am in a period before an exhibition, where i get really stressed; but after, when the exhibition is going and the results are good i calm down. The difference is that this isn't preparation for an exhibition, it's everlasting, and i can't relax or else my grades drop. 
The thing is, it might be tough now, but I AIN'T GIVING UP!
We'll see what happens first, either i achieve my goals, or i break down!

1 comment:

  1. focus to your sleep and the homework. You will find the site and the blog later. After all those will be always there and nobody push you to spent so match time on that, except you own desire. But you will go nowhere this way.