Friday, August 2, 2013

Little Devil panic remake

I was thinking about this matter for quite some time now. I really wanted to make Little Devil Panic happen but after I uploaded a few pages I realized that with the programs I was starting to lose my style. Don't get me wrong I am really glad that I know how to use the programs and they are really helpful, but when all i do is draw the characters (no background, no shading, no speech bubbles since the program does all of that) I feel like the final result isn't my work after all. With that in mind and the fact that in order to draw digitally you need time and space i stopped making little devil panic.
Having all that in mind,I decided that I should keep on writing the story, but make some adjustments.
For example this time I'll be drawing everything traditionally, but i'll also make use of the digital  programs. After I'm done with the chapter I'll scan it and do some toning, maybe also add some effects and the speech bubbles. This way I'll make full use of everything I know.
One last think, I decided that I'll make the story into a one-shot which means that there will only be one chapter but the story will be complete. This way I can use it as a side story.
Well that's it for now! I hope you'll like the new format of little devil panic!
Take care y'all! ^^  

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