Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hey y'all

Hey guys and gurls!

   Long time no see... again! I wanna apologize for not being active lately but many things have been going on! No worries though, it's almost the end of the semester and almost time for my long awaited vacation to Greece! 
   I haven't really been drawing anything in general, except for my school assignments. Today I'll go draw the cemetery across my house. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that i moved... again! It'ts a nice little apartment that i have to myself; it's kinda messy right now since i haven't had the time to unpack yet, but I'll find some time eventually.
    The coming Saturday I have my first day off in three months, and I will spend it by visiting the San Francisco Art museum. For my finals in Contemporary Art I have to go on a field trip and do a presentation about two art pieces. I am really excited since I've only been to San Fran. once!
   Ok guys this is my short update for now, I'll do another upload after my field trip describing where we went and what we did! :)
That's it for now!
Take care y'all!

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