Friday, June 21, 2013

A message of encouragement

Hey guys! Long time no see!

A lot of things have happened and are happening lately. For starters I graduated highschool, *drum roll* for the 2nd time! XD Now that that's out of the way I have more time for other things;  for example my art! :D

 One week before the school closed for summer, I took on an offer from my art teacher to do a big ass painting for a lady in the faculty office. The canvas size was about six feet tall and 3 feet wide. I started the painting but with only one week to go I didn't have enough time to finish it, so i brought it home. I plan to finish it over the summer and give it to the lady once the school opens again. The truth is that i feel kinda guilty because I never saw her before the school closed to tell her what my plan was. :/

Another thing that I am doing is learning a new digital software. Well.... kinda! I already had paint tool SAI and had done some illustrations with it, but the thing is that they lacked something. I searched and found out about tons of awesome features that I have absolutely no idea how to use! XD (LOL!) So I've been killing two birds with one stone, learning how to use the features of the program while drawing difficult and interesting poses (for example I've been practicing foreshortening).

Now these are in a way delightful difficulties (that sounds weird! LOL ), 'cause at the same time I have to look for an apartment, car and a job. :/ Now that's challenging! XD
Anyway I'm just gonna do my best!

Last thing. I put together sketches and pictures since I first started drawing to present. I did this as message of encouragement to aspiring artists (I'm neither a professional, nor I know everything about art, but I know that when I started drawing there were many times where I felt really down because i wasn't happy with the results. Thankfully I had awesome friends that cheered me up every time!)

 I am going to upload the picture but i have this feeling that it won't open normally here, so I'm also gonna post my deviantart account's link just in case.

Deviantart link:

"Ok this is seriously embarrassing! :$ I never thought i would upload anything that I did when i first started drawing. The thing is that there are many people out there that believe that they don't have any talent, or that they can't draw (most of the times without even trying) and that's WRONG. No one is born an amazing artist (well there are a few exceptions! ><), but you need to practice to get there. That means that you actually need to try, if you never give it a shot you'll never know. You may not realize it but you will improve and in a couple of years you won't believe the difference! Take me for example! When I first started drawing my sketches looked like crap, when i tell that to people now, they don't believe me; but it's true,and here's the proof!!! XD LOL! So don't give up and don't get disappointed, just keep in mind that you can do this!"
And that pretty much sums it up! I hope you didn't get too bored reading all of this! ^^

Thanks for your support, I love you guys! <3 ^^
Take care y'all!

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