Saturday, July 26, 2014

New tutorials, and my mini vacation!

Hey y'all!
I have been working on my new youtube tutorial, and this time i decided to do something different! Because of this alteration the video will need quite a bit more editing than normally! This time the tutorial is going to be a "how to draw a devastated chibi girl" and off course she is going to be adorable! :)
What I decided to do is make a tutorial about how to draw her proportions and features, but skipped the inking part (I will include some images from the inking, but as screenshots!), and then come back to the second part of the tutorial which is going to be the how to color part.
I have a few days off work and for my "mini vacation" I will try to draw, and upload as many things as I can!
Nice to be back!
Take care guys!

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