Friday, September 21, 2012

Resolution summary

Resolution is a story that i honestly put my all in. I began writing it two years ago in my school, just for fun, but when i saw that my peers reacted well to it i decided to continue making it. It is going to be a long story (more than one volumes), so that means that there is a loooong way to go! :) What i am trying to do is create a story that will someday be published, so i am giving it my all!

So this is  the summary:

In a world that appears to be normal, monsters called the Fallen Ones and people with special abilities exist. Rima a fourteen year old girl was unaware of it; she became part of a tragedy, and was the only survivor. Her rescuers were Kou and Rei, a pair of twins, with abilities. After seeing that she had nowhere to go anymore they took her in, to live with them and their family, (their four brothers and parents). Each member of their family had an ability and a unique personality. Rima decides to live with them and start training to assist them on their fight against the Fallen Ones.But their lives from now on will completely change...

Wanna learn the rest of it? start reading the story! :)

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