Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little Devil Panic summary

 Although i have only made two pages so far some of you might have interest in reading it (in the near future) so here is the summary:

 Eiji is a devil attending high school in the underworld; the only thing is that he is failing his class. In order for him to make up his grades his assignment is to go on earth find a person and cause them misfortune for a month. The more misfortune he brings the better his grades will be.
 On the other hand Chika is a female high school student that tries to excel in everything that she does, be a student role model.
 Apparently luck isn't on her side when she is chosen by Eiji as his target... Both of their lives start to change dramatically; what will future eventually bring...?

          If you want to know, keep reading! ><         

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