Friday, April 4, 2014


Hey guys and gurls!
I am going thru a weird phase where the one moment I feel depressed and the next I am happy... The reason why I'm happy tho is because I found my comic! Truth is that after I moved into my new apartment I couldn't find the new hand-drawn version of Little Devil Panic, but luckily a couple of days ago I found it and started working on it again!
Work and school are insane. I dropped one of my classes at school because I couldn't keep up with it; what can i say... I'm only human, but right after I dropped it I realized that my work days have increased.... I won't have a day off for thirteen days straight, and last time I didn't have one for eleven days...
With that said and my limited free time I am trying to work on the fire character requested by darklyo.
These are my news for now guys, I gotta go to work!
'till next time...
Take care y'all!

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