Monday, June 22, 2015

Stressful vacation

Hey guys,
I am on my long awaited vacation, but it's  way different than i anticipated. Instead of relaxing i am actually stressing more. I had one of my wisdom teeth removed so far, and i am getting another pulled this week. Anothrr thing that is stressful is trying to figure a way to recover from all the expenses of my vacation, no matter how i look at it, ill have to get another job or i wont be able to pay my rent. I just found out that my dad's health isnt great and that is really worrysome; at the same time my moms health isnt good so im at a loss.
I still have doctors to go to and fix myself, and the same week im back i gotta start looking for apartments. I have not enjoyed my vacation yet, and i am not done with all the things i must do before i leave.
I really wish i could stay with my mom longer...

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